You may be a little bit surprised to hear this, but the way you carry your handbag says a lot about who you are and type of personality you have. Body language experts say that choosing the way to carry your handbag is not just a random decision. So, let’s have a look at some of the most common positions of carrying a bag and what they mean. Once you are done reading, you would hopefully know a little more about your personality. 

Bag in front of the body and worn in a cross-body manner: Wearing a handbag in this manner is an indication that the woman has a cautious personality, meaning that she is often shy and hesitant. One can even presume that such a woman has a slightly defensive personality.

Bag behind the body and worn in a cross-body manner: Body language experts say that a bag worn in this manner is an indication of a woman being an urban warrior with a clear goal. The bag accompanies to the woman’s independent self-image.

Bag worn in crook of elbow: When a woman wears her handbag in this manner, it indicates that she prioritizes status and position. Experts say that a woman is trying to show that she doesn’t need to use both arms while she is moving around in the world. While women in the old days preferred that someone else carried their bags, a woman of today wants everyone to know just how powerful she is.

Bag held in hand: Some bags may be too so small that they can only be held in hand, but some women even prefer to carry tote bags in their hands. Carrying a bag in this manner is similar to carrying a briefcase, giving an indication of how much a woman values her job.


Bag worn over one shoulder and held close to the body: This shows that the wearer of the bag puts her freedom of movement before anything else. It also indicates that she is a strong woman and is not afraid to make her place in this world.

Bag worn over one shoulder and swinging freely: Wearing a handbag in this manner shows that a woman would rather prefer functionality and ease rather than worrying about display.

In which manner do you carry your handbag?

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