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The most well-known and famous design houses have just shown their collections for 2016. The tops in trends from the world’s most illustrious designers and the haute couture of handbag fashion have decreed some trends to be hot for 2016. Those trends include tech friendly, handles that are on top of the bag, bucket bags, and a bag that is ready for selfies.

The tech bag is a really smart idea. The bags have a pouch or a holder for all your essential devices. Some of the bags are made just for phones and some are designed to support a phone and a computer. The idea is to keep you organized and communication ready at all times.

Many of the tech savvy bags have a direct link to cloud or satellite charging. You can charge up while you shop or browse so you are always ready to share you latest purchase with your social media friends. The tech friendly bags all have a tech look and tend to be small.

Bags with the handle on top have become to be considered more convenient at least for the spring of 2106. The designers may have listened to their customers who want convenience. A bag with the handle on top is easier to keep control of and less likely to be stolen.

The handle on top idea runs the gamut of all bags that can go with anything. Leather, cloth, vinyl, and other fabrics in any color are hot as long as the handle is on top.

Bucket bags have become more popular. Most of the bucket bags presented for the 2016 spring season are big. The idea is that you can keep a world of stuff in the bag and still look chic. The collection of bucket bags does look good if a bit hefty for parties or events where glamour precedes convenience.

The collection of bucket bags includes leather, cloths, and a variety of plastics. Closures can be clasps, strap ties, or belt cinches. You can select the length of the strap that ranges from wrist short to almost dragging on the sidewalk long.

Camera bags are made for that immediate and necessary selfie moment. The bags carry your phone camera, SLR, or digital camera in an easy to get to pocket. Some of the more innovative designs nestle the camera in a pocket that allows you to access all of the controls for the camera without taking it out of the bag at all.

Technology, convenience, and style are what are being offered in handbags for the 2016 spring season. Colors and materials that match any outfit are readily available or can be ordered specially made from any big name bag maker.